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Avocado Desperado

People like me, simple dreamers who have their own version of the American Dream, are just as entitled as anyone else on the planet to get decent avocadoes, and to be told the truth in our search for them.

Any time I go into a supermarket these days there’s a barrel full of avocadoes, and each one of them has an elliptical fluorescent pink sticker saying ‘Ready To Eat’. So you buy one, because you presume that it’s ready to eat, as avocadoes can take a little while to ripen. But just to be on the safe side, you leave it for a couple of days. Then, when you feel like rustling up a bit of guacamole, you cut into it with a knife, only to find that it’s like cutting through a friggin’ motorbike helmet.

The World Is Flatulence

Second, the world is flat, I believe, and three billion new consumers just walked on to the playing field from India, China, Brazil, the Soviet Union, all with their own version of the American dream: a house, a car, a toaster, a microwave and a refrigerator.

Thomas Friedman. When people dream, they dream in American. Or something like that. As the proud proprietor of 4 out of the 5 items above, this blogger is living his own version of the American dream too. What could be more American than having a fridge?

Just the affirmation I’ve been looking for….

You are a whining rotter. Via normblog.

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