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Tinkling, Sprinkling

Jesus I’m knackered. Anyone else play the piano? Me, I quit about 15 years ago, and I was never any good at it, but I still know a couple of choons off by heart. More or less. Some Chopin mazurka or other, Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart, eh, that’s about it.

I was sort of thinking that sitting down at a keyboard the way one would sit down at a piano might bring inspiration, like it did for, I dunno, Ray Charles. It doesn’t. Sometimes, though, one dumb post can lead to a good one.

The truth is, reader, my mind is clouded and I can’t be bothered to think up smartass stuff any more. I just find it hard to care enough about anything concrete to post on. Like a crummy nightclub pianist down on his luck, I may have to start taking requests. Or making travesties of old standards. The Fisk. I’ll start fisking stories from Herald AM. The Denunciation of The Imaginary Blogging Community. For failing to pay enough attention to the plight of some blogger or other in Syria who’s been locked up for having a blog title which is an insulting pun on the Arabic for ‘gonad’. The Blogging Tips List. The Trolling One-Liner. Mulling over a survey sponsored by a HR company or a brewery. The Suggestive Headline? What I think about what scientists have just discovered. What I think about the ridiculous ruling there was the other day. What I think about the Peruvian elections, being an expert on all affairs Peruvian, at least since last week. The Price of things. Irish people nowadays. Who I’m supporting in the World Cup. The weather.

It’ll pass.

The Day That’s In It

I’m not superstitious, but I’m having a remarkably shit day today, and if there was such a thing as an antichrist, he’d be laughing out loud at me right now.

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