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Allium Roots

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This here flower, growing out the back, is an Allium. Allium is the Latin for garlic, hence ail in French, aglio in Italian and ajo in Spanish. If you come across a word ending in -ail in French, there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll end in -aglio in Italian and -ajo in Spanish. Likewise -aille in French would be -aglia in Italian and -aja in Spanish. Also -alho/alho in Portuguese.

Example: travail, work, in French is trabajo in Spanish, and trabalho in Portuguese. Travaglio in Italian has the slightly different meaning, more like ‘suffering’ (I know how they feel).

Nanny State Intervention

Police in Tenerife pull over a motorcycle with three passengers, one of whom happened to be a helmet-wearing goat.

Más talante que talento

The above is a description used here by Michael Robinson to describe Raúl. Despite his all-round averageness as a player, his usefulness as a talisman is now legendary. Last night, after half an hour where his contribution was a couple of leisurely passes to the holding midfielder, he scored yet another tap-in, precipitating lots of chest beating and unbridled testosterone-fuelled dancing in the rain, with plenty of lingering shots of sopping wet manly hugs. If this match had a soundtrack, this was the moment when It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls kicked in.

Had Fabregas’s initial shot gone in, I doubt the goal would have had the same effect – Tunisia may have been able to hold out for the draw. Spain then put Tunisia to the sword, transformed by the mystical effect of a 5 ft 7 rabbit’s foot.

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