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What I discovered in today’s strategy meeting

Rearrange ‘strategic’ and you get ‘cigaretts’.


Anybody see the new graffiti on the wall on the left hand side as you leave Connolly Station on a northbound train?

It says:

‘Continuituity IRA’.

There is something fitting, indeed of a certain modernist bent, about continuity continuing for longer than it ought to.
This also reminds me of piece of graffiti in Armagh that read:

‘We remembeber our dead’.

It could be that in both cases the error in question occurred because of an excess of head in bag of glue, but it is striking, to my mind at least, that the meaning of both words could make seem like they ought to be longer than their actual spelling.

UPDATE: They’ve corrected it, the swine. With a 3ft by 3ft patch of Tipp-Ex.

Circumspect Circumnavigation

How about this for a phrasal verb of untold ugliness: circle back. As in

Well, after you speak with Fred, make sure you circle back with Mabel to see that she’s ok with it.

As if the other person travels by hanglider or something.

Leverage My Ass

I am on a conference call in the dead of afternoon, mirabile dictu. People these days have started to say ‘leverage’ instead of ‘use’. As in ‘do you mind if I leverage your toilet to better void my bowels’?

It scarcely needs saying, but it does my head in. Do people really think in these terms, or are they just deliberately marketing themselves? And which is worse?

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