‘Republic of Sol’

Rush translation of piece from Público today.

The Government of the Republic of Sol

Organization in the Sol camp is complex. There are no leaders, its structure is horizontal. There are ten commissions: food, infrastructure, respect and care, communication, outreach, activism, infirmary, internal co-ordination, legal, and sound. Some of these are divided into subcomissions with more specific tasks. Such is the case, for example, with activism, which is divided into graphic arts, neighbourhood activism and immigration.

Each commission meets in assembly several times a day, although there are always people on duty to attend to requirements that arise. In these assemblies any proposals that have arrived are debated, as are any that they have raised themselves. Their conclusions are reported in the general assembly. “You could say that it is the primary organ of government in the camp, this is where final consensus is reached, explains Marta, a spokesperson. The general assembly meets three times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the early morning. The first announcements are to make known the conclusions of the commissions. After that, anyone can speak.

There are also two spaces: for children’s play and a library. As well as this, various debating groups have been formed about economics, culture and education, environment, feminism, politics..’it’s people who arrive and who really want to set up discussion groups about particular things. A lot of the time it is so that some people can express clearer and more consensual ideas in the assembly” says Marta.

The assembly reached numerous agreements yesterday. Among these, to set up in contiguous streets to the central Madrid square and even to set up tents for working groups and new assemblies. The attendees justified the measures due to the risk of the square overcrowding, since this prevents meetings from running smoothly. Thus, from now on, streets such as Tetuán, Carmen or Arenal would be occupied. In recent days these streets, including Preciados and Jacinto Benavente have been used for the stay of assembly members. It was also agreed that no images would be recorded in areas such as the creche, the infirmary, or the legal affairs or communications commissions.


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