Where is the democracy?

As with many other cities around Europe, there is a protest planned for Dublin in solidarity with Democracia real YA! It takes place this Saturday at 2pm at the Spire on O’Connell Street.  I did not get much work done today as I was looking through all the events that are spontaneously materialising all over Europe. This is turning into a continental struggle to restore democracy to mean something other than an alibi given by oligarchs and plutocrats for their robbery and intimidation. I’ll be there on Saturday.

On the Facebook wall of DRY, I came across this video of José Saramago. Translation below.

Everything is argued over in this world. Apart from only one thing that is not argued over. Nobody argues about democracy. Democracy is there as if it was some sort of saint in the altar from whom miracles are no longer expected. But it’s there as a reference. A reference. Democracy. And no-one attends to the matter that the democracy in which we live is a democracy taken captive, conditioned, amputated. Because the power..the power of the citizen, the power of each one of us, is limited, in the political sphere, I repeat, in the political sphere, to remove a government that we do not like and replace it with another one that perhaps we might like in the future. Nothing else. But the big decisions are taken in a different sphere, and we all know which one that is. The big international financial organisations, the IMFs, the World Trade Organisations, the World Banks, the OECDs. All..not one of these entities is democratic. And so, how can we keep talking about democracy, if those who effectively govern the world are not chosen democratically by the people? Who choses the representatives of each country in those organisations? Your respective peoples? No. Where then is the democracy?

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