Oily Waters

This is a comment left on the Irish Times site in response to today’s article by John Waters.

One of the heroes of John Waters’s piece, Tony Blair, whom he has singled out of praise on other occasions, describing him elsewhere as ‘someone who has looked into everything at the greatest depth’, has certainly ‘done something’ about the tyrant Col. Gadafy: he cosied up to him.

A Vanity Fair article in January described how ‘Saif al-Islam, Qaddafi’s probable heir, said last summer that Blair was “a personal family friend” and added that Blair -an employee of JP Morgan- had visited Libya “many, many times” since leaving office.’ Blair ‘briefed the dictator about what to expect from the new British coalition government led by David Cameron’.

One would have hoped, given the -to put it delicately- problematic nature of the links between Blair and Gadafy, John Waters might have been a bit more circumspect in presenting Mr Blair as a hero ‘in the face of tyranny and evil’. That he has not done so leaves us with the impression that he has inhaled what he describes very well as ‘the verbal flatulence of an era characterised by delusion, cowardice and empty talk’.

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