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In Which Paddy O’Blog Kicks His Father In The Shins

If he had not died, railway magnate, bon viveur and frock-coated Irish gadfly James Connolly would doubtless send out a hearty chuckle into his pheasant at the revelation, set forth in the Irish Times today by John Waters, but a fact of which he was always aware, that socialism, everwhere it happened, was a ‘bourgeois imposition‘.

Indeed, the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and others imposed socialism in the United States with such effectiveness and cunning, that only now, from within the bowels of the Tea Party movement, is it coming to light that the United States of America is a socialist country. In fact, it has been a socialist country since long before the Russian Revolution, itself a Tsarist forgery concocted by the most guilt-ridden and guileful of them all, Rasputin.

As shown in Latin America today, elite institutions have developed all manner of strategies for imposing their self-serving templates of domination. Take the ruling Bolivian political party Movement Toward Socialism. It is led by Evo Morales, whose family owned the United Fruit Company, but who has managed to garner mass support from Bolivian peasants by pretending he was born in an adobe house with a straw roof, and has concocted a long cock-and-bull story about how he was a llama herd and a coca farmer, managing to become a union leader in the process. If indeed he was elected as a union leader, it was probably on account of the fact that all the other coca farmers in the union would make the man from Del Monte feel like a shoe shine boy.

Guilt-wracked neurasthenics such as Morales have been the ruination of Latin America – they reject the pragmatic real world analyses of the Chicago School of economics and the sensible approach to natural resources advocated by the likes of Bechtel and Haliburton. Ludwig von Mises had Morales’s number back more than half a century ago: socialism was ‘nothing but a grandiose rationalization of petty resentments’, which, when you think of it, is exactly what happens when the overeducated progeny of the well-heeled kick their fathers in the shins, ideologically speaking.

Connolly would also have inhaled one of his devilled kidneys as he sniggered at how late in the day, as unveiled by Waters, the Irish have taken to importing ideas from elsewhere. This was the sort of stuff the elites of the Russian Empire got up to. Bakunin, for instance, imported his ideas from France, claiming, in his search, as Waters puts it, to dismantle Russian social and existential norms, that socialism derived from ‘the great principle of the French Revolution: that ‘every human being should have the material and moral means to develop all his humanity’.

Bakunin was rightly locked up for this self-interested paternalism, and he probably had a crippling Oedipus complex too. Proper order. The Irish cannot be allowed to import ideas- Paddy likes to think for himself, after all. That’s why he reads the Irish Times.

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