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Moment of Clarity

This is a comment I left on an article in the Clare People.

First, well done to Sister Joan Lee for telling it like it is. Second, brickbats for the journalist who wrote the report, but in fairness he takes a more reasonable stance in the comments.

Andrew places the adjective “racist” used by Sister Joan Lee (a great rock ‘n’ roll name, but that’s beside the point) in quotation marks, but describes the protest itself as peaceful without any quotation marks. Well, you can’t have a peaceful racist protest. Or maybe you can. Imagine: “The Ku Klux Klan today held a peaceful protest outside a school full of black children”. Is that peaceful? Answers on a postcard.

Third, this is regrettably the sort of competition for resources that ruling class interest seeks to encourage. Maybe the facilities in the school are not adequate for the children who go there. But is that the fault of the children? Why should where the child was born have anything to do with their right to an education? All children have a right to an education. What the law says about their status has nothing to do with it. If they go to school there, that’s where they’re from. The idea that people are illegal is a product of a state that robs people of a livelihood so that they can pay untold billions to banks. This idea gets exploited by people who won’t stand up to the state or the people that control it in search of a decent livelihood for all, but who turn -out of fear, perhaps- to the weakest and most vulnerable members of society instead. “Don’t go after me – go after *them*”. These people should be shunned, and explained the error of their ways.

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