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Modern Policing Methods

I noticed I was getting a few hits from the GRA website. So this post is dedicated to them: a report on a recent visit from the President to Templemore.

The President of the Irish Republic, Mary McAleese, signalled that the new Irish police model should contribute to the dismantling of the Bourgeois State, in order to deepen the construction of the new Social State.

The new Garda Siochána needs to be a large motor that supports the new institutions we are creating, to contribute to and to accelerate the dismantling of the Bourgeois State and the building of the Social State of law and of justice, the President said.

The President said that the old State remains and that “we have not finished dismantling it”.

Elaborating, she said that the intention of the Irish Government was “to replace the old corrupt Bourgeois State, made in the image of the bourgeoisie for its exclusive service, in order to lock Ireland in as a colony of imperialism”.

She reminded her audience that one of the strategies of the oligarchy was to create policing and military bodies made up of ordinary people, “because the rich hated them.. then we saw military forces used to safeguard the interests of the rich”.

Now, with the rise of this new model for the country, “the police should be social, preventive and very firm in the struggle against crime in its most diverse manifestations”, she said. She also said there has to be a rise in the number of women in the new police force.

Lastly, she exhorted the people who make up the police to be incorruptible. “Take this up as the most important task of your lives. This is much more important than learning the techniques and theories of security. It is much more important that each of us solidly conforms to ethics and to incorruptibility.”

OK, maybe it wasn’t Ireland and I changed a few of the nouns and pronouns. Still.

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