Passport to Dublin

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This is good stuff here, even if you can’t speak a word of Spanish. Above, from 1971, the Spanish Eurovision song selection programme, ‘Pasaporte a Dublin’, presented by Julio Iglesias and Massiel, with a cast of popular Spanish singing stars from that era.

Massiel won the Eurovision a couple of years previous with a Castillian version of the song Joan Manuel Serrat was originally going to sing in Catalan. Here is her song here, titled, intriguingly, ‘La la la’:

Despite the rough and ready set and the awkward delivery, there is something eerily contemporary about the gangly, diffident Julio Iglesias’s effusions about what an important moment it was in his life to represent Spain in the contest, and Massiel’s ‘oh I’m sure the future holds even greater things for us’ schtick: shades of X-Factor, You’re a Star bollocks.

Look out for Cristina, 5 minutes in, saying she’s very much the housewife -and very Spanish!- as she holds the bullfighter’s cape while her husband pretends to be a bull. And she’s found the perfect system to keep fit: fishing, though she never catches anything.

Karina, 17 minutes in, has a sort of Babes in Toyland vibe going on: “I’m a strange mix of little girl and woman…I like to be a flirt, but at the same time iron my dolls’ clothes”.

52 minutes in, Nino Bravo, running fully clothed and unhinged up the middle of a busy road, trying to lose weight, before getting down to do push-ups.

1 hour 3 minutes in, the assembled contestants are posed the question: Can you tell us what this programme is called? And they all erupt into song…’Pasaporte a Dublin…Pasaporte a Dublin’, entirely pointlessly.

1 hour 4 minutes in, Franco’s fascist regime begins to tumble as Dana delivers a rendition of All Kinds of Everything. Dana then goes into a British telephone booth to ring the caudillo to apologise personally.

1:13 – Programme nearly over. One can see the thought breaking across Julio Iglesias’s countenance that having seen Dana he must now go out and have sex with over 3,000 women.

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