More on the Garzón case. A group of prominent cultural figures are staging an indefinite lock-in in the Faculty of Labour Relations in Madrid’s Complutense university.

Actress Pilar Bardem said that “in this street we used to meet up against Francoism. Arriving here today I have felt a sort of negative nostalgia. I did not believe that at the age of 71 I would be locked into the same halls where they locked me in when I was 18. Perhaps it is crazy to say this, but this is the most serious thing to have happened in democracy since 23-F” [the attempted coup d’état of 1981]

The biggest fish among them is Pedro Almodóvar.


El País reports Almodóvar as saying that “Society has a moral debt to those who lost the war and to the family members of those 113,000 corpses that lie in the ditches. If Falange places Garzón in the dock it would be as though Franco had won once more, and that is very difficult to digest.”

Have any cultural figures in Ireland, which prides itself on its cultural weight -writers, artists, musicians, actors or directors- of even a tiny fraction of Almodóvar or Bardem’s prominence taken anything approximating a militant step against the country’s evisceration by corporate raiders? Have they fuck. Though Damien Rice did write a piece for ‘Renewing the Republic’.


2 Responses to “Lock-In”

  1. 1 Donagh April 13, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Colm Toibin, perhaps as well ‘respected’ internationally as Almodóvar is, shakes Michael Fingleton’s hand and brags about it.

  2. 2 Hugh Green April 14, 2010 at 5:49 am

    Oh gosh yeah, you’re right! And Christy Moore did an advert for Your Country Your Call and Seamus Heaney said voting Yes to Lisbon was very important. Sorry, Irish artists!

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