A journalist turns her attention from defending her favourite billionaire:

Public service reform needed now as we’ve paid for it – The Irish Times – Wed, Mar 31, 2010

Still, whether their motives are base or not, the end of the campaign is good news for those depending on public services and for public sector workers who need saving from themselves. They were starting to compete with bankers in the unpopularity stakes.

The unions insist this is because their members are victims of “an orchestrated campaign” against them. It grates every time I hear the accusation.

Campaigns are by their nature organised, so the tautology is annoying. Worse, if there is a campaign, no one’s invited me to any of the meetings. Conspiring over a power lunch would be great fun, but not a smidgeon of orchestration comes my way. Either they’re taking me for granted, or there is no campaign. I can’t imagine they’d be silly enough to risk the former, so it must be the latter. There is no campaign.

If there is no “orchestrated campaign”, it is for this simple reason: there is no need for one.

The government and the plundering plutocracy it serves are well aware that it can rely on media organs such as the Irish Times to do what is required to ensure that their will be done without need for overt direction. They know that for the most part, the project of destroying organised labour and collective solidarity -with the aid of a burgeoning reserve army of the unemployed- is fervently supported by a critical mass of lackeys in prominent media positions. If there is one positive thing that can be observed about Ireland’s media lapdogs, it is the fact that they that well trained. Why hold power lunches when a Bonio every now and again will do?

Each of them look at public sector workers in possession of that priceless commodity – certainty – and wonder how they have the nerve to complain. No one needs to organise the communal sense of disbelief that rather than protesting, someone with a permanent job doesn’t get down on their knees at night and give thanks for their good fortune and that gold standard pension which will be determined on their pre-cut salary.

So: we shall mobilise the reserve army of the unemployed and bring you to your knees. Did I mention Denis O’Brien is a lovely chap: very much maligned and misunderstood?

4 Responses to “Orchestration”

  1. 1 Paddy Matthews March 31, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    Did I mention Denis O’Brien is a lovely chap: very much maligned and misunderstood?

    His charitable inclinations are an inspiration to us all:


  2. 3 JG April 1, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Sarah’s a journalist?

    • 4 Hugh Green April 1, 2010 at 8:34 pm

      I use the term in a value judgement-free context. For me a journalist is someone who writes for a journal, e.g. a newspaper or magazine. This means he/she could be the shit of the earth or a demigod.

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