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Less Glorious Journalistic Present

Nama has five-star silver lining – Analysis, Opinion –

Our fellow property boomers, the Spanish, in a nod to their glorious past and their less glorious socialist past, have a network of ‘paradores’ throughout the country

The boom years for the creation of paradores were during Franco’s dictatorship. It is doubtful that this was in a nod to Spain’s socialist past, since Franco had put in a large amout of effort trying to cleanse the country of reds by all sorts of brutal eliminationist means. However, we do not expect droolingly ignorant ballbags to know these things.

I am reading a superb but gruesome book called Los Psiquiatras de Franco: Los Rojos No Estaban Locos (Franco’s Psychiatrists: The Reds Were Not Mad) by a psychiatrist called Enrique González Duro. It’s about the role of psychiatry as an instrument of repression and ideological justification during Franco’s rule. I may have to write a longer post on it once I finish it. But it contains this quote from Gonzalo de Aguilera, an aristocrat landowner and captain in the rebel forces who was charged with the role of foreign media spokesman, who was speaking to Charles Foltz from Associated Press:

All our evils come from the sewers. The masses of this country are not like your North Americans, nor the English. They are slaves. They are good for nothing apart from working as slaves, and they are only happy when they are made to work like slaves. We, the decent people, committed the error of giving them new houses in the cities where we have our factories. In those cities we built sewers and we made them reach the working class neighbourhoods. Not content with the work of God, we have interfered in his Will. The result is that the herd of slaves grow without cease. If we did not have sewers in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, all the red leaders would have died like rats, instead of rousing the rabble (the actual word used is populacho – more pejorative than ‘rabble’ – HG) and causing the blood of the good Spaniards to be spilt. When the war is over we will destroy the sewers. The perfect birth control method for Spain is the one that God wanted to give us. The sewers are a luxury that must be reserved for those who deserve them, the bosses who run Spain, not the herd of slaves.

Translation mine. If O’Connor knew anything about Spain, and he clearly doesn’t, his words would be implying that the likes of this is part of Spain’s more glorious past. Given the war of extermination waged by Franco against ‘reds’, it is not at all unlike talking about Germany and its less glorious Jewish past.

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