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The Plot Thickens, Very Gradually

Déirdre de Búrca’s resignation has uncovered some startling revelations.

Small party with lots of idealism but no experience – The Irish Times – Sat, Feb 13, 2010

Why don’t you come out and expose John Gormley’s ‘education’ at Frieberg University which is well known for producing hard line Communists?

How about simply coming clean to the electorate full stop on the fact that the Green Party, far from being an environmentalist organisation, is in fact a Communist/Fascist/Socialist cabal which is subverting democracy acrosss the world led by it’s Fabian Society cohorts in Britain, namey Blair, Brown, Milliband etc etc who are all members of the Fabian Society.

For those who don’t know what the Fabians stand for, it’s incremental implementation of Communism as opposed to the revolutionary Communism of Stalin except that the results will be exactly the same, gulags and all.

This is all disturbing news to me. As if we didn’t have enough to contend with in the Jews and the Freemasons, the Fabians turn out to be the most dangerous of the lot.

The Fabians are clearly playing the long game. I will be keeping an eye on them from now on.

As the writer implies, de Búrca is in on it too. So her resignation is clearly some sort of false flag operation to give the appearance of intra-party squabbles when behind it all they’re laughing at us all as we slouch our way toward the GM-free gulag.

No doubt Fabolous is part of the whole thing too.

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