Yes You Can

I see the tagline, or whatever that thing is called, for the ill-fated, and credit to Damien Mulley for submitting the FOI request, was It’s YOUR website for YOUR life. Says it all really: a resounding declaration, from a site that was supposed to support local democratic interaction, that WE know who YOU are and therefore WE will decide what YOU need. 

The last title for this blog, the short-lived and unlamented Have My Say, was intended as an ironic commentary on this sort of thing: the idea that your freedom to speak or act is but a gift emanating from some benevolent entity who really wants to hear from ‘you’, as in ‘Have Your Say’, so as to bring forth whatever it is in ‘you’ that may be of interest to the rest of ‘us’. What ‘you’, and, by extension, ‘we’ are in these terms is a discrete unit within a defined order. Unitary bourgeois subjectivity is relentlessly enforced and reproduced as the origin of true freedom.

Am I talking nonsense here? Have YOUR say!

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