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Mad As Hell

Ha so the closest thing Ireland ever got to Howard Beale has just decided he’s not going to take it any more. Seems that Fine Gael just wasn’t the right right-wing party for the right-wing policies he wanted to propose as a remedy to the policies of the ruling right-wing party. Hate it when that happens. Shout out to his disillusioned voters, who will now be on the lookout for the right right-wing candidate to put things right. What this country needs is a coalition of right-wing mavericks who are mad as hell.

Or, failing that, a new Fine Gael leader. Lee was talking about how his resignation might function as a catalyst for Enda Kenny’s ejection. I know sweet FA about party politics in this benighted Republic, but I shall make a prediction nonetheless. Before Brian Lenihan got sick, the media was talking up his chances as a successor to the hapless Brian Cowen. His ability to pronounce ‘initiative’ without making a sh sound, combined with his ability to knock out a few bars of Chopin on the baby grand, not to mention his capacity to say je vous en prie whenever an IMF bigwig thanked him for his accounts of how there could never be riots on the street under his careful guidance, were sufficient to get metropolitan shakers stirred with the possibility of a real leader, one who did not give the slightest impression that he operated the wipers of his car with a length of bailer twine. Eminence grisatre Peter Sutherland admitted as much in his interview with the Irish Times last week when he talked about how Lenihan had been shaping up to be one of the finest Taoisigh of the 21st century.

Anyway my prediction is that Richard Bruton’s chances will now get talked up ad nauseam in the media, and just as the British media had ordained Tony Blair as the right Labour candidate before any leadership contest had taken place, a similar course of events will now engulf the nation, and the ruling class will look to seize the opportunity to rebrand the country with a vigorous modernising veneer.

But I don’t know anything about these things, so the fact that I might be proven wrong should not be taken as evidence in the future that I was wrong.

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