Why Lord, Why?

The Irish Times – Letters

Madam, – As we turn our thoughts to the next presidential election, may I suggest we look no further than Martin McAleese, husband of our existing President?

This man has worked tirelessly behind the scenes during his wife’s presidency, meeting hard-line Ulster Unionists to bring peace to our land.

Our President would, I’m sure, accept that she would not have performed her duties so diligently, and with such serenity, were it not for the support and advice from her devoted and loving husband.

I’m certain he would bring continuity of the same dignity and respect to the office, as that so graciously performed by his wife, President McAleese. – Yours, etc,


Wesminister Lawns,

Foxrock, Dublin 18.

You know the way when you’re drinking Buckfast and someone tells you something mildly improbable but certainly not beyond the realms of possibility under normal circumstances but under these special circumstances you find the information so outrageously incredible that you can only conclude, after searching for the smirk you know that’s just about to appear on that someone’s face but never does, that the person is having a mighty laugh at your hapless naivete? And then you want to stomp that person’s face in but are prepared to resolve it civilly provided they admit it is not so?

That’s the way I feel when reading this letter.

2 Responses to “Why Lord, Why?”

  1. 1 coc January 16, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    You mean you have not turned your thoughts to the next presidential election! What the f*ck are you waiting for man? 2011?

  2. 2 Hugh Green January 19, 2010 at 7:18 am

    I am waiting till the full list of candidates is revealed. And only then, provided your one who does the adverts for the yoghurts that are a bit like Actimel is on the list, shall I start taking an interest in earnest.

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