Interim Report

Productivity has nosedived over past months, owing to the following factors:

1. External cost factors

Recession-era job pressures mean narrower focus on generating profits for enjoyment of owners of capital, resulting in squeeze on finite cognitive capacity.

2. Sourcing issues

Occasional encounters with news media products, never a realistic long-term source of idea material for continuous production of posts, are more scarce of late, given the pressures outlined in point one. Where said encounters do arise, the poor quality of material, produced in the main for the purposes of generating profits for enjoyment of owners of capital, leads to production logjam.

Availability of tool permitting instantaneous and brief reaction to said encounters truncates trains of thought that might otherwise be allocated to the production of posts.

The bleeding obvious, not usually considered a realistic source of idea material, acquires additional attractiveness under current conditions. Questions remain, however, over the long-term viability of using said source, particularly in terms of the long term mental welfare of producer.

3. Poorly defined strategic considerations

Some difficulties in terms of production in accordance with clearly defined goal and objectives. Complete absence of the latter results in frequent existential challenges to production. Basic premise that production should take place for its own sake often obscured, with doubts looming over its long term viability.

4. Concerns over product quality

Trade-off between product quality and intensity of productive activity. Unplanned, discontinuous production method characterised by multiple aborted instances of rigid, syllable-heavy output. Methods of production involving longer-term planning processes beset, in Emersonian terms, by the intervention of things in the saddle, riding producer.

Short term outlook

Successful removal of things from saddle, and consequent assignment of producer to said role, premised on effectiveness of near-term assumption that something trumps nothing, is intended to generate, through discarding of concerns outlined in point 4, consistent output in terms of regularity, with improvement in quality to follow at later date.

Long term outlook

See quotation by Keynes, J. M.


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