Shoed Awakening

Shoe thrown at IMF chief – The Irish Times – Thu, Oct 01, 2009

“He [Strauss-Kahn] is the representative of global capitalism. I tried to raise my views by protesting against him at a time education and health services here have been privatised,” student Emre Avci, a member of the Turkish communist party, who was among the protesters, told Reuters.

Haha nice one. In Ireland, the IMF appears as the avuncular authority, nodding sagely at the government’s plans to ruin the lives of ordinary men and women in order to give the capitalist class renewed certainty about the profitability of its investments. There is only the odd hint, from the odd elder statesman, that the IMF might get angry if the government is stopped from doing what it wants to do, and you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry. But it would only ever get angry in a stern but world-weary and loving way, not an Incredible Hulk trashing the entire country way. They are civilised people, after all.


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