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As I said, Tiernan’s gravest sin was not in the sour taste his comments left in the mouth but the fact that they weren’t funny — something many Jewish friends of mine have been quick to point out — and while we can dance around the houses all night about whether he was genuinely satirising anti-Semitism or merely pandering to it, some of the responses to the now infamous tirade show a worryingly censorious streak.

The Sunday Tribune, which broke the story, also carried an editorial suggesting he could be prosecuted for Incitement To Racial Hatred, a sentiment every bit as appalling as his comments.

Yeshua. OK I agree with the censorious bit. And this is not the only piece denouncing Tiernan primarily because he is not funny. But here he appears to be saying that it’s better to be anti-Semitic than to be unfunny. Or maybe if you’re going to be anti-Semitic, you better make sure it’s funny. Perhaps any serious conversation, in the absence of potential for mirth-making, should be leavened with a bit of anti-Semitism to keep things on an even keel.

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