Letter Rip

You can write to TDs and Senators using the following site:


Here is the letter I wrote to the TDs of North Dublin.

A chara

I write to inform you that I shall not vote, on any occasion in the future,
for any TD who backs the NAMA legislation in the Dáil.

I shall interpret the decision of any TD who backs this bill as complicity in
massive robbery, and just as I would not vote for an individual who ransacks my home, I will not vote for you if you see fit to side with the interests of the powerful and wealthy by forcing a generation of Irish people, my child included, to shoulder risks that wealthy investors have no intention of bearing as they seek to consolidate their grip on this country.

Whereas wealthy investors would simply shoulder the risk of pecuniary
inconvenience, ordinary families in this country will have to shoulder the
risks that come with deprivation, exploitation and decay.

I await the outcome of your vote with interest.

That was me being polite and collegial.


2 Responses to “Letter Rip”

  1. 1 Manuel September 20, 2009 at 10:36 pm

    polite and collegial indeed……well said that man

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