On Bumper Car Swans

I left this comment at the Cedar Lounge Revolution the other day. It’s a Seamus Heaney poem that came to me in a dream after I read the Observer report on his Lisbon intervention. I woke up with slabbers all over the keyboard and a man at the door wanting to clean my windows. I reproduce it here for your edification or otherwise.

In Italy, On The Event Of The First Lisbon Referendum Result

Only supposed
To blow the bloody doors off

The job
Has run aground

Splinters pick at Barney Hamill’s hand
The spade strikes bone

A plaster San Sebastian
glares askance

On the bumper car swans
Breaking the arms and bread
Of Europe’s expanse

The fairground carry-on
On the furrowed brow of Toner’s Hill
Has Ugolino making a pig of himself
On shards of candy floss
At the bottom of the loaning.

As a poem, it is terrible, I realise that.

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