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Open Letter To A Visionary

Dear Tony Quinn,

Thank you for your copy of Blueprint Magazine. I have to say, it landed on my mat yesterday like a breath of fresh air. I agree 100% with what you are saying about how now in Ireland it seems as though success has become politically incorrect once more. It seems that unless we take control of ourselves, we will lose forever the winning mentality that gave rise to the Celtic Tiger. I sincerely believe that this is the most important struggle to be fought in the history of our nation. If people during the famine era had shown even half the winning mentality on display during the Celtic Tiger years, the outcome of the famine would have been totally different. If ever there was a historical event crying out for the successful application of mind technology, that was it!

I watched Brian Cowen on the Late Late Show the other night. If only there was a leader who inspired more vigour, more vitality. I think he could do with a spell at one of your Educogyms! Seriously though, I think you have a real role to play as we seek to get out of our present predicament. As you say, it is now as though success had become politically incorrect. Too much nay-saying and negativity. However, I chide myself for saying so, because there is really no point in making negative observations all the time! I shall also forgive myself for chiding myself just now, and move on!

As you probably know, there is a vote on the Lisbon Treaty coming up. All this focus on minor detail, sniping and cat-calling is really getting to me. If only our politicians could come together and run institutions lean and efficient enough to ratify the Lisbon Treaty without all the petty consultations and fretting. There is so much flab in our body politic, and it is making us sluggish and irritable. I bet the Bahamas, where you live so successfully, had no problem ratifying the Lisbon Treaty!

There is something truly inspirational about your drive to do for mind technology what Bill Gates has done for computers. So I am wondering. We have had people like the head of the successful Intel business talking about how we should say yes to Lisbon, and that is great, since if there is one thing we need now, it is successful business leaders to tell us what we need to do. But while they might have drive in abundance, I don’t think they have the knowledge and insight to inspire people properly. Has the head of Intel coached a world-champion Irish boxer? I don’t think so!

Let me get to the point. I think the time is right for you to make an intervention on the Lisbon Treaty. Here in Ireland, we are acting out a ‘civil war’, both on the streets and within our selves. We need to fashion an Ireland that is ‘stronger and more powerful to overcome the civil war and to rule unopposed’, as your ‘Dare To Be Free’ guidelines succinctly put it. I hope you will permit me the liberty of suggesting that we take a leaf out of your book. What you suggest we do for our Selves, we must do for Ireland. To paraphrase your ‘Dare To Be Free’ guidelines, we have to heal those huge divisions in Ireland, we must become one – just one Ireland going in one direction.

But why stop there? There’s no point denying that Europe itself is far too corpulent, going nowhere, run by bureaucrats who seem to be gorging on an awful lot of pork products. What we need is a vision of a stronger, leaner, fitter, outward-looking Europe. Here I draw inspiration from the inspirational story of your friend and pupil Dr Bob Delmonteque. Look at him! Toned, muscular, fit as a butcher’s dog, and ninety years of age! He looks like he could rip a bull’s lungs out! Why can’t we have a Europe like Dr Bob ‘The Man From’ Delmonteque? The possibilities are endless. I have a vision of a muscular, manly vigorous Europe, where all negativity is abolished and in which institutions last a thousand years.

But I -we- need your help to achieve it. Time to step up to the plate, Mr Quinn.

Hugh Green

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September 2009