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Civilising Mission Progress Update

Nato airstrike kills 90 including 40 civilians in Afghanistan – World news, News –

A police official in northern Afghanistan said a Nato airstrike on two hijacked fuel tankers killed 90 people, including 40 civilians.

Police and government officials in Kunduz Province say the blast occurred after the Taliban hijacked two trucks delivering fuel to Nato forces.

Chief of Police Gulam Mohyuddin said the trucks were hit by a Nato airstrike late last night.

Mr Mohyuddin said the Taliban were distributing the fuel to area villagers when the airstrike occurred. He said that 90 people were killed, including 50 Taliban and 40 civilians.

Nato confirmed that there was an airstrike in Kunduz Province overnight but gave no details.

Sure they’re only Afghans.

The Smart Money

Smart economy – The Irish Times – Fri, Sep 04, 2009

For a start, there is no certainty that a smart economy will solve our unemployment problems. Such an economic model ultimately aims to transfer workers from supplying labour to skills and brain-power.

It seems you can supply skills and brain-power without supplying labour, which is a good trick. I look forward to an economy so smart that one can do as one pleases, playing the odd round of golf, pacing back and forth in the drawing room discussing the latest Margaret Atwood book, going for a hike across the fields with one’s mind on higher things, safe in the knowledge that one’s skills and brain-power are simultaneously getting put to work elsewhere in exchange for money.

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