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ei: One Voice: manufacturing consent for Israeli apartheid

Thus, One Voice’s analysis treats universal rights and international law as having less weight than Israeli prejudices and legitimizes the “facts on the ground” established through criminal behavior in open violation of UN resolutions and the International Court of Justice. It subjects these rights to a popular referendum in which the abusers exercise a permanent veto over the claims of their victims.

One Voice bills itself as “an international mainstream grassroots movement” commanding the support of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis. In fact, One Voice has support from no Palestinian grassroots organizations. It is a slick marketing outfit funded, according to its website, by “Israeli, Palestinian and other” sources. Much of its money comes from “major foundations” such as the Ford Foundation, IBM, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. One Voice also boasts of receiving money from “businessmen” including Yasser Abbas, the son of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, who has been plagued by allegations of corruption.

Among One Voice board members are State Department Special Advisor Dennis Ross, former Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Efraim Sneh, and former Israeli military ruler of the occupied West Bank General Danny Rothschild, in addition to many American Zionists, some Hollywood celebrities and a few token Palestinians. In October 2007, One Voice canceled a planned “peace concert” in Jericho after the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) called on Palestinians to withhold their support. At the time, PACBI asserted that the concert was “being organized to promote a ‘peace’ agreement that is devoid of the minimal requirements of justice,” and was nothing more than a “public relations charade.”

Just Taking Care Of Things

Possible amnesty for Zelaya – The Irish Times – Mon, Jul 13, 2009

Honduras’s interim president held out the possibility of an amnesty for ousted President Manuel Zelaya yesterday after the lifting of a curfew that had been imposed on the country since the June 28th coup.

Caretaker President Roberto Micheletti, sworn in hours after the armed forces removed Mr Zelaya from power and expelled him to Costa Rica, held firm in a Reuters interview to his position that Mr Zelaya could not return to power under any circumstances.

Reuters and the Irish Times still supporting the coup then.

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