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On The Head

Via the awesome, the best analysis I have seen on the U.S. current stance on Honduras.

Forget the two weirdo coup-supporting neocon creeps flanking the woman in the middle, and put your fingers in your ears in particular for the sound of Krauthammer’s saliva-chomping. What she says makes total sense. Now, I don’t know if she approves or not of the U.S. stance, but that is immaterial to the fact that she has hit the nail on the head.

Cutting Remarks

I have no idea what he is really like, but there is a phallic streak to this profile of Colm McCarthy a mile in circumference, and I do not think too wild to propose that whoever wrote it has a fascination with castration by masculine figures. ‘Straight-shooter’=erect phallus. ‘More Edward Scissorhands than Mac the Knife’, ‘Slashing, truncating’ = consummate expert castrator. ‘Dazzling panache…gasps and yelps’= vicarious erotic enjoyment. Later, as if to certify his authentic sadistic indifference and jocular manliness, we are told that he ‘loves sport, a pint and a good joke’.

Of course, there is something of the theme of castration in the half-joking name ‘An Bord Snip Nua’. This ties in quite well with the image developed by John Ralston Saul in The Collapse of Globalism of the modern politician not as leader, but as castrato.

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