But Not Worth Going To See

Creationist beliefs won’t affect new role: Poots – Local & National, News – Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Questioned about this, Mr Poots said: “I don’t believe the Giant’s Causeway is 60 million years old. If other people make an issue of that, it’s up to them.

“The Giant’s Causeway is a fantastic site, an asset which needs us to sell it and make it marketable. Whatever length of time it has been in existence will not undermine that message.”

Forget the 60 million years nerd stuff. Many of the same people who laugh at people like Poots have their own ridiculous beliefs, like in the inexorable moral progress of humankind through the application of scientific research. I’m more interested in why Poots thinks that The Giant’s Causeway needs us to sell it and make it marketable. I mean, let’s say the earth is only 6000 years old or whatever. That means the Giant’s Causeway has been sitting there for about 5,850 years, in a state of nature, mostly undisturbed by the wider world. Are we supposed to think that with the advent of mass travel and globalisation, it now needs to start earning a living? Are basalt rocks now part of the proletariat? If so, the achievements of the bourgeoisie are even greater than we had hitherto imagined.


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