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1789 And All That

Sunday Business Post | Irish Business News

Though not as bad as some polls suggested, this is, by some distance, the worst election result in Fianna Fáil’s history. At the next general election it is likely to lose its historic position as the largest party in the Dáil, relinquishing definitively a grip on power that has lasted for most of the state’s existence. A political revolution is unfolding before our eyes.

One of the features of modern capitalism, as I have often noted, is its tendency to throw up presentation of all manner of minor, trivial changes as revolution: ‘A revolutionary advance in turkey basting!’. In this case, the main plank of the revolution appears to be that lots of people who voted for right-wing Fianna Fáil are now voting for right-wing Fine Gael. Mind-blowing stuff altogether.

Fancy A Shift?

New political shifts merely a seed for greater change – The Irish Times – Tue, Jun 09, 2009

Obama, the first black president of the United States, personifies a fundamental political shift, the implications of which the world has yet to fully appreciate.

It’s nice to feel at one with the world on something for a change.

However, John Caruso re-examined one of Barack Obama’s speeches recently, the much-heralded Cairo speech, and after an initially sceptical reaction, he reached some compelling conclusions about how different Obama really is.

The Distant Ocean: The habit of skepticism

Yes, it was quite a speech. After reading it a second time I think I can almost begin to understand the ecstatic praise so many liberals offered Obama after they heard it (which I admit I first thought was not only embarrassing but dangerously naive). After all, who could fail to respond to such an intelligent, thoughtful, nuanced, articulate, compassionate attempt to begin a genuine dialogue with the rest of the world? Honestly, I think even the most unrepentant leftist reading these words with an open mind would have to admit that they show just how different Barack Obama is in every imaginable way from George W. Bush—and more generally, the huge differences between Democrats and Republicans.

To fully appreciate the depth of the change, you really have to read the whole thing. I mean really.

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