Modest Proposals

Racism Is The Worst Bad Thing Ever |

But of course, arguing over whether we’re a racist country just because we racially slur a few CEOs, or knife a few hard-working foreigners, or send a few desperate refugees back home to die, will not really achieve anything. We can go on debating the rights and wrongs of using words like wog or spick or eye-tie or dago or frog or kraut or chink or nip or jap or gook or darkie or abo or boong or nigger or coon or kaffir or towelhead or muzzy or Lebbo or sand-nigger or curry-muncher or fat Sri Lankan bastard — but where will it get us? Will we be any closer to harmony?

No. Actions speak louder than words. If we truly want to end this whole racism kerfuffle, we have to get to the root of the problem. And what is that? Well, if one examines instances of racism throughout history, one can quickly see that in every case, racism occurs only after two different races come into contact with each other. The solution, therefore, seems simple: we have to stop coming into contact with other races.

In the old days, after all, there was no racism. The races lived in peace and harmony with themselves, blissfully unaware of even the existence of other races, let alone of how inferior and/or immoral they were. It’s time to get back to those days. Time to separate out the many ingredients of the human casserole, and set them neatly on individual shelves.


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