Shoulda Gone To Punchestown

Ha ha I am God or something. Last night on Twitter I said:

My prediction for David Quinn’s column tomorra: Left-liberal hypocrisy on blasphemy: they Hate Christ but fear Da Muzzers

And today -First Friday of the Month, must spruce up the May Altar- what do I spy in my beloved Irish Independent:

The left has no problem with religion-bashing, but it hates anyone bashing its favoured minority groups.

If it looks like this Bill is being introduced to protect Christianity, it will be fought tooth and nail in the name of free speech.

But if it looks like it’s being brought in mainly to protect Muslims, they’ll be in two minds because, in reality, the left is in two minds about free speech itself.

Nostradamus, David Icke, Mystic Meg: your boys took one hell of a beating.


3 Responses to “Shoulda Gone To Punchestown”

  1. 1 Longman Oz May 1, 2009 at 10:28 am

    When he says that he has mixed views, I think that he meant confused views.

    Consider the following:

    “…if I was the editor I probably wouldn’t have published it because I feel you should show some minimal amount of respect for the religious beliefs of others.”

    Then the following:

    “No one was asking his fellow journalists to agree with what he wrote, but hadn’t they a duty to protest at the attempt to have him charged with incitement to hatred?

    So much for Voltaire’s oft-quoted dictum, ‘I hate what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’.”

    Surely, this fearless attacker of straw men is not admitting that the old defend-to-the-death is easier to pontificate about than to follow through on?

  2. 2 Hugh Green May 1, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Quinn’s ‘slightly mixed feelings’ seem to boil down to the fact on the one hand he doesn’t like the idea that people will no longer be able to produce racist caricatures of brown people. On the other hand, slap it up those who would insult Christ.

  3. 3 Longman Oz May 1, 2009 at 1:12 pm


    Still, should you chance upon one of those rich left-liberals who believes in the unqualified right of free speech, could you ask him (or her*) to defame me please? Could do with a few bob (or bobertas*).

    Men (or women*) of straw, beware. The Quinner’s a-comin’ and his (or her*) pitchfork’s a-showin’.

    * This comment has been modified by the Council of Bien Pensants in Ireland due its blatant lack of gender balance. It also wishes to point out that not all rich people are necessarily socialist-commie-liberals.

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