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Blessed Are The Blasphemers

I suppose the temptation when confronted with a new crime of blasphemy would be to try and commit it, like selling consecrated hosts in Chicken Tikka sandwiches outside the Pro Cathedral. Or maybe we should phone the Gardai to report Jesus for wilfully infecting pigs with viruses. But that would be too easy and too much work at the same time.

The interesting thing about a crime of blasphemy from my perspective is the fact it covers Christian blasphemy. Yet as anyone who knows anything about the New Testament could choose to know, Jesus appeared before the Sanhedrin on the charge of blasphemy, which was a capital offence. So it seems to me that if the Christian churches are serious about following Jesus, they should be campaigning for the criminal offence of blasphemy to be dropped.

And as long as they fail to do so, we should campaign that they be charged with blasphemy.

Flushing The Toilet That Is My Brain

OK, this is a bit silly. Baruch Spinoza is also known as Benedict Spinoza. Baruch means blessed in Hebrew, Benedict in Latin is Benedictus, which means blessed. Now it also happens that “Barack, interestingly enough, means the same as Baruch,” he said. “They have the same Semitic root. So you can call me Baruch Obama.” It therefore seems perfectly reasonable to me to refer to the current Pope as Pope Barack XVI, and only custom prevents us from doing so.

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