….he’s a very naughty boy

Politics » ‘He Who Is Not With Us Is McGuinness’

McGuinness is probably making a mistake by going on about his poor relationship with his senior minister Mary Coughlan. People will be inclined to put that down to a personality clash – “They just didn’t get on” – rather than a deep philosophical difference over the future of the country.

The possibility of there being a deep philosophical difference between the two depends, I think, on the existence of a)philosophy and b)depth. I remain to be convinced.

I watched a replay of McGuinness’s appearance on the Late Late Show. Embarrassingly, I thought I might witness a Fianna Fáil politician say something interesting. Turned out that the geezer’s ‘very new and radical dynamic way’ entailed asking my old bridge partner Peter Sutherland, Ray McSharry and maybe Michael O’Leary to come aboard the ship of state and steer it away from the rocks amid the stormy waters of the latest crisis of global capitalism. Yeah, that’ll work.

I heard murmurings beforehand about how he was going to say something to the effect that Fianna Fáil had to get back to its republicanism. I know nothing about Fianna Fáil’s republicanism, but on the basis of what he was saying, it seems to have something to do with consolidated oligarchy in the service of business interests, ‘real time’, as he says.

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