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I’d like to step back somewhat from the slightly excited tone of the previous post about the death of Michael Dwyer in Bolivia, and consider the company he was keeping. There seems to be an assumption operating in the Irish media, based on his age, lack of criminal convictions, and most important, the fact of being Irish, that Michael Dwyer was an innocent abroad caught up in something far more dangerous than he could comprehend. That assumption may be justified.

If he took up work with the shadowy quixotic figure of Eduardo Rozsa Flores, it seems reasonable to speculate that he may not have been fully aware of Rozsa Flores’s commitments or connections. Nor might he have been aware of the extreme racist white supremacist nature of the regional government of Santa Cruz, in whose interests Rozsa Flores appeared to have been operating at the time of his death.

Reading an interview with Rozsa Flores published on his website, the following details emerge:

1. He grew up with the image of Che abandoned to his fate on the one hand, and that of the party despots on the other. For him, Che was one more victim of Stalinism. And as a soldier, exemplary.
2. He was a member of Opus Dei.
3. He began to convert to Islam in a Sarajevo mosque in 1995.
4. He was an admirer of Carlos The Jackal, and the feeling was mutual.

How someone ends up staying in a hotel with an individual like that, I cannot conceive.

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