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I’ll Never Need More Than This (Helmet)

How paranoia drove Phil Spector to murder Lana Clarkson | News | The First Post

Spector’s father had committed suicide when he was nine years old. This would most certainly have traumatised Spector and made him feel extremely anxious about his masculine identification with his father as well as his feelings towards other men. His seemingly constant need to compel women to have sexual relations with him – with his gun – and not to leave him suggests a highly insecure masculine identity and may mask homosexual feelings that Spector was never able to reconcile within himself.

In his mind, Spector is the man who is plotted against and hated due to other people’s envy of his phallic abilities. He is the one with the gun that can decide life or death. This is not only a possible reversal of Spector’s impotence in the face of his father’s suicide but it may also be an identification or remnant of the father he idealised and wished to be like yet who failed him in death. Spector’s inevitable anger with his father for killing himself could also contribute to his paranoid feelings. Spector’s insistence that Clarkson killed herself and his rage at her for doing so may also in some way be his bid for the sympathy that he never received as a child.

Never one to renounce the opportunity for some vulgar Freudian analysis, I think I once read, maybe in a report on Ronnie Spector’s autobiography that Phil Spector would make Ronnie Spector wear a motorcycle crash helmet in bed. Never gave it much thought at the time, but if you consider the act in terms of Spector’s obvious phallic fixations, it seems to make sense. By concealing his wife’s face, perhaps he was unconsciously revealing to himself a truer image of the object of his desire.

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