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Rough beast of private sector is on the move – Eoghan Harris, Columnists –

As that sector comprises the majority of our people, that party would do a damn sight better than the Progressive Democrats, for the reason first revealed by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. Every political party is the party of a class — and the private sector is the majority class.

Did I ever tell you about the time I found my (private sector) boss’s payslip? I was outside having a smoke, and I picked it up thinking it was my own. When I say my boss, I don’t mean the person referred to as my manager, but the person who was in charge of the building where I worked. So he wasn’t even my ultimate boss, since there are probably another six, seven, maybe eight layers of hierarchy above him in the firm, all of whom owned progressively more of the firm through share ownership, and who earned progressively more because of the way pay is structured in these firms. At the time I was earning less than two grand a month in take-home pay. He was paying more than double that into his pension, and also buying about two grand worth of shares. In monthly take home pay he was bringing home a measly 23 grand along with the bacon.

Eoghan Harris wants you to think that both my former boss and me, not to mention the person who cleans my boss’s toilet for minimum wage, are all part of the same class. Crazy, crazy, kerayyy-zee nutter. But in fairness, that’s what my boss and his bosses want me to think too.

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