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In the latest of my mad-eyed forays into trying new things, I’ve started messing around with Diigo. This is like, the tool I’ve always wanted for blogging: allows you to annotate stuff, store and organise bookmarks, share links, send messages, post things to your blog, all in one application, along with a load of facebooky stuff I have no interest in describing. It’s ideal for the person who wants to produce well-informed, structured blog posts, planned over prolonged periods. Whether it’s ideal for my brand of sporadic and uneven dilettantist commentary is another question entirely.

I’m getting really sick about Most Sincerely Folks now. Especially the ‘Folks’. Folks is so damn..well…folksy, if not downright volkisch. I am finding it difficult to take the leap into the void with another name. I know I shouldn’t get hung up on branding, but I am shallow and suggestive enough for the name to determine the content. I mean, if I were to call the site ‘Shovelling Dung On Mars’, the content would end up differing substantially from that of ‘Electric Bearded Ladyland’. Or maybe not. Anyway, neither option is to the fore in my thinking.

Orders of Magnitude

I just heard Miriam O’Callaghan say that the importance of the upcoming budget ‘cannot be overstated’. So there you go: the upcoming budget is more imporant than the Black Death, the Russian Revolution and two World Wars combined.


The Irish Times – Letters

Madam, – We have a public sector at war with the private sector, we are the laughing stock of the world economy, we have scum shooting people supposedly in our name in the North, but look what we can achieve by working together, all 32 counties of us. – Yours, etc,

Ah yes, the old ‘If Barry McGuigan can be champion of the world, there’s no reason why I can’t successfully ride my spacehopper down the outside lane of the M1’ argument, tarted up a bit, with a few more actors.

Ne’er a truer word

A ‘grieving’ public must draw the line – Analysis, Opinion –

There is something distasteful about the morbid interest in Jade’s death, but even those of us who are turned off by it can, if we are honest, see the allure of dabbling with death at a safe distance.

SOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOoooo true. For instance, when I read this I considered doing the sharpened pencil thing with my nostrils.

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