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Probably Doesn’t Smoke Dope

I just wrote a long draft post on the Pope, the Catholic Church, AIDS and secular liberalism. It stinks. Instead, a brief summary:

  • The Pope is the absolute monarch of an earthly corporation with a long and distinguished history of involvement in torture, castration, paedophilia, subjugation of women, alliance with fascist powers, slave labour etcetera. The problem with the Pope is that he exists, not that he expresses the wrong opinions or was in the Hitler Youth or is a bit too old or too conservative or too out of touch or too German.
  • John Waters, the Irish Times’s David Quinn, says ‘once you advocate condom use, you are accepting that abstinence is no longer a persuasive option’. One could always advocate both abstinence and condom use at the same time. That is, one should not have sex, but furthermore, one should use a condom when not having sex.
  • David Quinn, the Irish Independent’s John Waters, says ‘Africans are dying…. because of Western aid agencies and Governments and their blinkered, dogmatic, anti-religious opposition to fidelity programmes’. See, the problem I have with fidelity programmes is this: I’m not discounting the possibility that they can limit the spread of AIDS under certain circumstances, but even if they did not work at all, the Catholic Church would still be pursuing them, because it opposes the use of condoms under all circumstances, since it considers that sex should always be open to the possibility of procreation. As I understand it, were the Church to approve of the use of condoms, then it would approve of sexual activity for the sole purpose of mutual pleasure, which would mean it would end up approving homosexual relationships, menages a trois, maybe even sex with space aliens.

And so on.

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