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The Life of The Mind

Some diverting commentary from Slugger O’Toole on the latest bout of drunken eejitry in the Holylands, with my own comments in square brackets.

Slugger O’Toole

These holyland vermin are the living embodiment of the nineteenth century English newspaper cartoon images of ape-like Irish savages.

the students who riot in the holy land are from tyrone and they’re inadequate, bigoted, crude scumbags, just like most everyone else from tyrone [it’s wrong to generalise: they’re not all from tyrone]


they’re molly coddled by their mammies , taught at school that they’re the best and they come and shit all over everyone at Belfast [yes]


Interesting to see rugby shirts among the students. [Indeed: a sign of progressive embourgeoisement among the quasi-lumpenproletariat. I can’t recall ever seeing a rugby shirt during my occasional visits to the Holyland. Then again, I can’t recall seeing anything]


As a Dubliner I think it’s important to point out for accuracy’s sake that people from Belfast also count as culchies.[Yes! But in fairness, show me an urbane cravate-wearing Dubliner and I’ll show you a Denny Gold Medal sausage-munching, red lemonade guzzling halfwit who’s only 3 generations out of the bog himself]


of all the troublesome neighbours I had, (and I had shit loads of ‘em over the years) 95% were from Armagh. Don’t know why particularly, but they don’t give a fuck about making too much noise and annoying people, generalisations are not usually my thing, it’s generally very wrong, but in the case of the Armagh students it’s very accurate. [Ah! The age-old virulent hatred of anti-Armachianism raises its chilling profile once again]

Ah well.

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