The Republican We

Time finally to tackle our blatant failings – The Irish Times – Tue, Feb 24, 2009

We cannot fail as a nation, as a people, in some pyrrhic victory. Let us be stark bloody naked together.

I’d rather not. There’s something about all this talk about ‘we’ ‘as a nation’ that I find mathematically offensive. Let’s say that everyone who is an Irish citizen is a member of the Irish nation. Unless we are to invoke magic, that means that any statement regarding what ‘we as a nation’ ought to do must be true of each and every Irish citizen. But to be honest, I’m just not all that comfortable about standing in the buff alongside Brendan Kilkenny, Peter Sutherland and yo mama.

Adds: thinking this through, I may be wrong. After all, if someone says ‘we as a nation need to inseminate more pigs this year’, they don’t mean a visit to the farm for everyone, just for those among us whom we have designated pig inseminators. So there is a question of context I had not addressed. But in the context of the article, the sense still appears to be that we -you, me and Enya- should stand exposed.

4 Responses to “The Republican We”

  1. 1 Seán Báite February 25, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    SpencerTunickism strikes again (prepare pukebag before clicking on following link) :
    Is Waters writing the editorials now at the IT ??

  2. 2 EWI February 25, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    But in the context of the article, the sense still appears to be that we -you, me and Enya- should stand exposed.

    As damned cute as Enya was two decades ago, do we really want to risk this…?

    (now, I may be wrong, and she could have aged gracefully into a fine-looking older woman – but with recluses, who’s to know?)

  3. 3 Hugh Green February 25, 2009 at 10:09 pm


    I always find there’s nothing like a big long line of bare asses to ‘reconfigure one’s view of nudity’.


    She was on the Late Late a couple of weeks ago. Hadn’t really changed that much, apart from a dedicated following in the stalker community.

  4. 4 Seán Báite February 26, 2009 at 9:41 am

    OK Hugh – you’re entitled to reconfigure however you want… looks a bit to me like the nude equivalent of ‘pick n’mix’ sweets – there’s all-jaysus sorts in there…

    As to Enya – no comment on her current appearance – but Dylan Moran has a very funny theory that if we ever get to hear a vagina – it will sound uncannily like an Enya track. Some of those stalkers must’ve heard it already…

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