More Power To Vote Elbow

Some reasons why the Brit Awards are so uncool | Opinion | The First Post

The pandering to the public vote is completely uncool. Who gives a fuck what the public thinks? It may well afford the recipient the opportunity to get up and say with absolute ease “this award means more to me than anything…”. but the hyper-enfranchising of the public is the worst thing in modern life. “Send your tweets in now”, “be a part of the debate”, “get phoning”, “it’s your turn to get involved” – the ultimate in dread expressions. The sheer anxiety on the Brits website to reassure us that the awards are not just voted for by ‘industry insiders’! Whenever the reach of an award is enlarged to involve you the people, they carry on as though it’s the Magna Carta. You, The real members of the public! Yes you too can vote. (But only for Girls Aloud and Elbow.)

Well said.

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