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Hopefully nearly everyone is sick by now of reading comment in the papers exploring how the current recession is going to stir a new spiritual awakening/make us realise less is more/make us develop a new-found liking for Blue Nun/and so on. I know you know what I mean, so I’m not going to elaborate. Now I know that perhaps I should really be exploring deeper questions, those of relations of production and so forth, but there is one thing I want to say before doing so.

I hope the recession makes it easier to buy buns, of the type referred to by the French, notably Proust, as madeleines, and the Spanish as magdalenas, though they also have a long tradition of preparation here.

I went to a place in a shopping centre on Saturday that sold all sorts of croissants, of which the chicken croissant will be the most illustrative. It sold scones too: teddy bear’s head-sized ones, with a texture that recalled plasterboard mixed with castor oil. Those cost a whopping €2.65. I had a cup of coffee, or an ‘Americano’ which cost €2.65 too, and it tasted like muck.

All I wanted was a cup of tea and a bun. But tea is a rip-off -€2.50 for boiled water and a tea-bag- so I preferred to buy a coffee instead, since the robbery wouldn’t feel as obvious.

Just a bun. No raisins, no chocolate chips, no blueberries. One that strikes the right balance between fluffiness and moisture: not the plastic-wrapped frosted muffins that taste like the foam of a car seat.

And it should cost about 30c.

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