Racist slur or army banter? What the soldiers say about Prince Harry’s comments | UK news | The Guardian

But another Muslim who served in the army, Nassir Khan, dismissed the idea that calling someone a “Paki” had anything to do with banter. “This is an incredibly insulting term, it’s the sort of thing people from the National Front or Combat 18 say before attacking Asian families and I don’t understand why, just because he is third in line to the throne and in the army, we are supposed to accept it.”

He is right, of course. An anecdote: I once got into a conversation with a non-native English speaker who had spent a couple of years in the West Midlands. He started talking about how there were lots of Pakis where he had lived, and how a family of Pakis had moved in next door. Turned out, after I raised an eyebrow, that he was completely unaware that Paki was an insulting term: he just thought that that was what they were called, since that was what everyone else called them.


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