The National Interest

The Irish Times – Letters

Madam, – When Aer Lingus moved its Heathrow service from Shannon to Belfast, objectors were told it was done because costs were lower in the North. We were informed by various politicians and commentators that this was the free market, that we were all on one island, etc, etc.

However when ordinary people head north to shop for the same economic reasons they are branded as “unpatriotic”.

A fair point there.

Though I see no point in heading north specifically to shop (I see no point in ‘shopping’ either, but that’s beside the point). The money saved would not pay me the to sit in a miles-long queue waiting to get into to Newry. I don’t have much against Newry: I just think it’s absurd and tortuous to have to queue to get into it. We spent nearly an hour on the M1 last weekend, waiting to get onto the Cloghogue roundabout during which time I turned into a quivering wreck. Toward the end of the line there was a series of small signs for some gambling facility, depicting a leprechaun mooning. At that point I was nearly hallucinating in desperation, and I began to wonder if the leprechaun knew precisely what was going on, and if he was mooning at me in particular.

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