Non-Wacky Baccy

New Smokeless Tobacco Worries Experts –

Available in three flavors and packaged in attractive tins, Snus does not have to be spit out and therefore can be used just about anywhere — “at a concert, right in front of security guards,” “on a jet from Miami to L.A.,” or at an “overpriced tapas restaurant,” a promotional brochure suggests.

I have tried this stuff. Last year I took some one night on a late night drive. It didn’t feel much like a nicotine hit at all. It was more like a cross between a Fisherman’s Friend and a strong cup of coffee.

The thing about smoking is that it’s cool. It’s a ritual. It’s about being able to wave the cigarette about purposively. It’s about punctuating your life sentences. And since the smoking ban it’s become even cooler. OK so it gives you cancer, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

This stuff, by contrast, is boring, specifically designed to please the authorities. The idea of that giving you cancer is not much of a USP.

1 Response to “Non-Wacky Baccy”

  1. 1 Embassy Red December 6, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    The thing about smoking is that it’s cool

    Try telling yourself this tomorrow morning when you’re in the shower coughing up dark brown phlegm.

    God, I love being a zealous ex tobacco addict.

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