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This is really revolting:

In just four days, over 200,000 caring Sun readers have signed our petition to bring the people responsible for the tragic death of Baby P to justice.


The Sun has called for the sackings of children’s services boss Sharon Shoesmith, Gillie Christou who was in charge of the council’s child protection register, social workers Maria Ward and Sylvia Henry and Dr Sabah Al Zayyat.

How much of this blaming the social services is an attempt to divert from the unbearable reality that so many parents -parents- are monsters? The tabloids, the Sun pre-eminent among them, are usually obsessed with the paedophiles lurking at the school gates or at the edge of the estate who would threaten children and family bliss with destruction. But most of the time it’s family members who are responsible.

What these people -The Sun- are doing here is sick.

If Al-Qaeda set off a bomb killing hundreds, would the Sun run a campaign calling for the heads of the security personnel whose job it is to protect people, holding them responsible for the deaths? Of course not. Because for the likes of the Sun, the security forces, like other people in power, like mummy and daddy, always know best when push comes to shove.

Yes, but did the pigs speak Irish?

The man in front of me at the butchers asked if they had Kearns sausages. The butcher said that they had Olhausen sausages, which were basically the same thing, made by the same company. Ah no, says the man, I’ll not bother then.

And rightly so. God knows what manner of revolting pigs’ innards they’ve been stuffing into the foreign sounding brand.

In fact, Olhausens itself is an Irish brand, even making an appearance in Ulysses. Not that I am recommending it, though.


Steven Wells:

Our problem with Idol is that it is honest. It takes the hood off a business run by unimaginative, drugged-up, greedy, short-sighted, talentless, tasteless, arrogant capitalist scum with shit haircuts (same as every other business, except for the haircuts). Complaining about Idol is like watching a warts’n’all documentary about pornography and then moaning that it’s seedy and exploitative and – oh my lord — edited to be entertaining.

A similarly honest expose of the “alternative” music scene would presumably draw attention to indie’s unexamined white, middle-class privilege, its stagnant monoculturalism (especially when compared to manufactured pop), its super-diluted ideological veneer, and its never-admitted insitutionalised sexism and racism.

He’s right, I think. Another thing you, I mean I, never see on the ‘Idol’-style shows is rappers, even though these are among the biggest ‘idols’ out there. The manifold reasons for this are all fairly obvious.

Though I think Rio Ferdinand was planning on putting together his own version of ‘Rap Idol’ a while back.

Cicatrixual Attraction

Men with mild facial scars were typically ranked as more appealing by women who were looking for a brief relationship, though they were not considered better as marriage material, a study found.

Ah, so that’s what it is.

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