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There’s talk of a million people gathering here in Chicago tonight to celebrate Obama’s victory. Sure I might take a dander out. Not every day you get to see a million people all in the same place.

Chicago is a fantastic place. I had a chocolate brownie today. It weighed like a paving slab. Thank Satan I’ll only be here a week or so: any longer and they’ll need a forklift to get me onto the plane back.

I’m going to leave my PC on. When I come back I might post something. I may well be under the affluence of incohol as I do so.

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Greetings from Chicago, where I have come to live blog the thrills and spills of the final moments of the US presidential election, providing commentary as the results come in from across the country, and capturing the excitement, the passion and anticipation of the whole thing.

Only joking. I am not that type of person. That said, my presence here is a great day for democracy. A historic day, no less.

Obama is going to win. Everyone here seems convinced of it. The polls are all saying he’s going to win. Even republican commentators on the telly are conceding that he’s going to win. If he doesn’t win I’ll eat my left big toe, for those of you who enjoy displaced metonymy.

I had a sushi grade tuna steak last night when I arrived. I will never cook tuna ever again, for it will stink of failure.

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