Insane On The Brain

On occasion, David McWilliams says sensible things, but not today. Read this.

However, even though the right-brained people were more likely to have foreseen the crash, it doesn’t follow that the right-brained people are the best ones to get us out of this mess. We still (and possibly urgently) need the lefties with their focus, decisiveness and linear minds, who when given the task will execute. Maybe we just need the more ponderous righties to advise them.

He thinks you might be able to resolve a national crisis by putting people with the right brain type in the right role. While they’re at it, they might as well check their star signs and their inside leg measurements.

But while the proposed solution is ridiculous, the problem identified is real.

If people are incapable of seeing a way out it is because their way of thinking is so heavily influenced by a system now on the verge of collapse. There is, alas, little possibility of an immanent critique of capitalism from business schools, accountancy firms and other capitalist institutions. Such a thing would be like expecting the Catholic Church to elaborate a systematic denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

One can confront this reality, or look for wisdom in how-and-why manuals at the airport bookshop.

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