As I made my way across the Sean O’Casey bridge this morning, I was wondering what to write about the budget, in light of the fact that I had not seen any news coverage of it. And I figured that I would write a nice little riff about self-serving talk of the need to protect the most vulnerable in society, because I was as sure as hell that Brian Lenihan would have mentioned it, and because I wouldn’t have time to delve into the consequences of each measure outlined in the budget anyway. Imagine my aghastness when I open the Irish Times website and find a fine piece by Vincent Browne that addresses just that. So the only thing left for me to say on the matter, for the moment, is to congratulate the government for a budget that will ensure we protect the most invulnerable in society.

Update: Read Michael Taft. Lack-of-money quote:

Not only does Fianna Fail deepen the recession in a most regressive way, mortgaging our future to higher debt; they provide no foundation for pulling us out of the recession.


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