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‘there would be martial law in America if we voted no’

I was joking with someone the other day that I hoped they didn’t declare martial law on my upcoming visit to America. And whilst I don’t always take Naomi Wolf seriously, it doesn’t seem so much a joking matter anymore. Good grief.

Fellow Feeling

This has to be one of the most telling slips since the birth of psychoanalysis. It almost makes you wish he got elected so you could hear more of the same.

Resurgent Investor Confidence in Collapsing Trials

So the Northern Bank trial has collapsed, perhaps to the relief of the presiding judge, who shall no longer be subjected to boring videos.

During his four-week trial there was no mention of the IRA, no details of what happened to the money, and ultimately no evidence that Chris Ward had been part of the gang.

Which strikes my I-am-not-a-lawyerly-self as odd, since everyone knew that the IRA did it and that some of the money was recovered at the bottom of a dustbin somewhere or something. Security expert (yeah, you heard me) Jim Cusack, writing in the Sunday Independent in the aftermath of the bank robbery, knowingly observed the following:

The other key element from the IRA point of view was to place moles inside the bank who could provide details of the security systems and advise on the right time to strike.

The ability to place moles in key positions, which was seen in the operation of the IRA spy ring at Stormont and the St Patrick’s Day break-in at the Special Branch headquarters in 2000, arose from the introduction of “equality” laws which forbade the PSNI from carrying out security vetting on people applying for sensitive jobs. Previously, prospective employees were checked to ensure they had no links with terrorist groups.

All right, so it turned out that the ability to place moles in key positions in the case of Stormont (I can’t recall what happened in the St. Patrick’s Day break-in) turned out not to be the IRA’s, but the British Government’s. But still. Em. (Drums fingers on desk) Good point about the “equality” laws.

We still know it was the IRA, however, from the detail that emerged. Because his family were made to swear on a holy picture. I thought at the time this was revealed that this seemed like an excess of religious zeal from the IRA, since people with guns pointed at them will swear to anything. Perhaps the one with the gun was a subscriber to the Hibernian magazine or something.

Anyway, the point is that it couldn’t have been anyone other than the IRA, because the IRA are fully responsible for everything ever, like Stormontgate.

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